Monday, July 22, 2013

The Book Maven Reviews Hunger Moon

Review by The Book Maven 7/12/2013

Hunger Moon begins in a burning building with Victoria Storm holding a knife on a hunter who has been targeting her pack.  Victoria Storm is a Valkyrie and Priestess for the Goddess Freya.  She is also the Alpha of her pack of werewolves.  In being the Alpha it is her responsibility to protect what is left of her pack.  After one of her pack dies and she ushers him to Valhalla she is pointed in the direction of Sierra Pines, California.  She knows that there lies her lifemate, whomever that may be.  When she meets Arik Koenig she realizes immediately that he is her lifemate and very strong werewolf.  With Arik comes his son Logan.  Victoria immediately realizes things aren’t as perfect as they seem with the Koenigs and secrets threaten the safety of her pack.  She must decide to continue running from the hunters with no help or stay and figure out the secrets of Arik and Logan Koenig.  It is Victoria’s decision that will change the course of the pack and impact her life forever.

I really loved this book.  I didn’t realize this book was actually the second book in this series.  I was very impressed that this book almost read like a standalone book.  There were very few things that referred to the first book.  I fell in love with these characters and the story.  Victoria’s and Arik’s mini-courtship was quite steamy at times and you could understand why Victoria felt the way she did.  I really did feel for her though.  I felt bad that the relationship was kinda one-sided.  No matter how this story would have ended it would always be Victoria caring more for Arik and Arik still pining for his deceased wife.  I hope that with the next Victoria finds something a bit more lasting.  I get the feeling that Victoria has had so much loss it is time for something positive .  No matter what though I know I will be reading Melissa Snark’s next Victoria Storm book.  I even feel the need to go back and read the first one.  I would whole-heartedly recommend this book for any PNR fan.  Once you pick it up you will be like me and itching for more!

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