Friday, February 28, 2014

Random Snark: "I'm from Arizona."

In many ways Arizona is as much my home state as California, so I've been following what's been going on in Arizona for the last few weeks. Last night, a funny thought woke me up.

The following is a short excerpt from HUNGER MOON:

Logan leaned forward so she could see the glow of his eyes, and the gleaming threat of bared teeth. "I am not going to let you hurt him, Vic."
"Stop calling me Vic!" She wanted to scream with frustration. Why did Logan always have to be so damned contrary? It made no sense to her.
An expulsion of air escaped his lungs. "Look, my dad sanctions Evan within his territory. This ghoul is under his protection, so you shouldn't destroy him without checking first."
"Your dad doesn't even know we're here! Don't play games with me!" She considered the ghoul, huddled about fifty feet down the tunnel behind Logan.
Finally, she grunted. "Why don't you or Arik kill it?"
Logan issued an exasperated sigh. "You shouldn't kill something just because you don't understand it."
Victoria regarded him with patent disbelief. "Are you even a wolf?"
Logan gestured with open arms. "Oh, come on! This is California. We're tolerant of differences, remember?"
"I'm from Arizona."
"All is made clear."

That is all...


  1. LMAO! As a Native Arizonan this cracked me up.

  2. LOL! This makes an odd sort of sense.