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25 Days of Christmas Stories: NOTHING SHORT OF A MIRACLE by Carol Henry

Gabriella Rumsey’s life is turned upside down when a car crash claims the lives of her sister and brother-in-law and she becomes an instant mother to her three-month old niece. Her family gone, her finances limited, her degree and career path on hold, how is she ever going to manage motherhood on her own?


Chad Hempstead, an author of action-packed crime novels, is jaded by love. His ex-fiancée dragged him through court for financial gain. No way is he ever going to let a female take advantage of his fame and fortune again. But when he walks into his parents’ home and finds sexy Gabriella Rumsey, whose car he rear-ended two days earlier, ensconced in a Norman Rockwell Christmas scene, his heart has a hard time listening to his head.

With the two of them living under the same roof during the holidays, it will be nothing short of a miracle if they are able to work out their differences, and keep their hands off each other long enough to discover the bonds that will bring them together.


The second he stepped inside, steam swirled around him. Across the room, a mirage of rich moist skin appeared as if in a dream. Long slender legs, hips, breasts, arms, stepped from behind the shower curtain. Gabby’s outstretched arm was as seductive as hell as she blindly searched for, and retrieved, a towel. She didn’t see him until she stepped from the tub while wrapping the large white towel around her gleaming body. She slowly tucked the ends into the folds that barely covered her moistened and full breasts.
Chad gulped.
Gabriella turned, looked up, and froze.
Chad couldn’t have moved if he wanted to. After thinking about her all night, seeing her undressed and dripping wet with bubbles sliding down her enticing body, his mind raced. His heart flipped over in his chest. His lower extremities hardened.
His dreams of her did not do her justice, nor did beautiful describe the golden goddess standing before him. The towel did nothing to hide her curves, which he could see were in all the right places. She wrapped the towel tighter around her wet, shower-spattered body, droplets clinging to her moist skin. But it was too late. Her naked body was etched in his memory forever. He didn’t want to apologize, but it was the right thing to do.
She stared at him for a second longer.
“Do you mind?” she whispered, her tone exasperated as water dripped and pooled around her bare feet on the floor.
Chad found it hard to speak.
Living with Gabriella Rumsey the next two weeks, a stone’s throw from his bedroom, was going to be hell.

Review by Gemma Juliana:

   When it comes to delivering on Christmas settings and seasonal cheer, this is one of the most fulfilling novels I’ve ever read. Carol Henry is a gifted writer who paints you a picture of all the fine details of the season. She is also a master at pacing. The ins and outs of the developing romance are a delight to read.

   Themes of self-sacrifice and second chances run heavily through these pages.

   The deck is heavily stacked against Gabriella Rumsey from page one. This “down on her luck” heroine captured my heart. Wise beyond her years, I admired her nobility of character and optimism as she faced being very alone in the world with a huge responsibility.

   There are real challenges to be overcome in this story. Gabriella has suffered tremendous loss. Her attitude toward men is understandably as chilly as the winter air. Chad, on the other hand, thinks women are only interested in money, based on his own experiences. Neither of them trusts their own feelings. The author’s handling of their intense relationship is masterful.

   This story is a fine reminder that we all look at life through a filter based on our own experiences. Sometimes we need to be patient, and get to know someone so they feel safe enough to drop their filter. Then they can see us as we are instead of how they assume we will be.  

   Chad Hempstead, the hero, is not a sympathetic character for quite a while. His history with women is clearly to blame for his distrust, but he is so stuck in his bitterness he needs something to blow him free of his entrenched position. As the story progresses, he gradually redeems himself.

   Most heart-warming is the relationship between Helen and Chadwick Hempstead. Their beautiful home becomes a character in and of itself with its fine seasonal decoration, warm hearth, seasonal scents, holiday treats, and the blanket of love and peace that embraces them all. As family members gather, the reader is enveloped in the rich and rewarding theme of enduring generations.

   This story is like a warm hug.


Coming soon to other ebook stores November 20, 2013


Carol Henry is an author of Destination: Romance—Exotic Romantic Suspense Adventures, as well as contemporary romance, and historic women’s fiction. She is an international traveler, and travel writer of exotic locations for major cruise lines’ deluxe in-cabin books. Carol is a local NYS Historian, and lives with her husband in the beautiful New York State Finger Lakes region where they are surrounded by family and friends.



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