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25 Days of Christmas Stories: CHRISTMAS PAST & THE CHRISTMAS STAR by Roni Adams

Ten years earlier, Bailee walked out on Mark before their first wedding anniversary. A miscommunication between their mutual friends brings them to the same ski cabin the week before New Year’s.

Mark considers it a Christmas miracle to find the woman he once lost but never stopped loving in the same cabin with him, But while he  longs to rekindle their romance, Bailee is determined to meet the man she’s met online at New Year’s Eve.

With the sparks between them burning hotter than the water in the hot tub will Mark be able to convince her to try again or will Bailee decide that out with the old and in with the new is a much better option?


Mark held Bailee close to his chest as her body trembled. He caressed her back, whispered in her ear. This had to be some type of dream he was in. He couldn’t believe this was really happening, that she was here with him again—naked and wanting his touch. Two days ago, he hadn’t seen this woman from his past in over ten years.

When she seemed to catch her breath again, he said. “How about I get your robe and help you out of this tub?”

She immediately stiffened. Her head lifted and she looked up at him as if just realizing what had happened. “Oh, my God.”

She tried to wiggle away from him, but he held her tight.

“No, don’t. Listen to me. Listen, shhh.” He lifted her chin with one finger to force her to look up at him. He kept one hand firmly on her bare hip to hold her place.

“I’m sorry, this is wrong. I know it sounds like a lame excuse but the wine went to my head and…” She pushed against him to get away.

Her wiggling against the part of him that was already aching wasn’t a good thing, but he tried to force his attention on her feelings and not what he wanted her to feel.  He touched his index finger to her soft, plump lips. “It’s okay. If you can’t trust me, who can you trust?”

Review by Annie, author of contemporary romance:

Christmas Past is a warm, feel good story that has you cheering for Mark and Bailee right up to the very end. Divorced ten years earlier, they are now stuck in a cabin during an ice storm. After a day of skiing, a romp in the hot tub has them rekindling their sexual attraction for each other and adds a bit of spice for the holidays. And, it brings the two closer together with hopes of resolving and renewing their love that never really died. This fast developing plot has just the right amount of angst, drama, and Christmas magic. The dialogue is well crafted, as is the characterization of these two misguided individuals who have given up on each other.  The fact that they were emailing through an internet dating service—to each other, unbeknownst to each of them--lent an aura of mystery to this feel good story. Would they actually meet up with their ‘new’ love interest they assumed they were emailing and walk away from each other on New Year’s Eve? The description of scenery, the interaction as Mark and Bailee open up and share their feelings and love for each other, and the well developed steamy sex scenes makes Christmas Past one hot read with plenty of warmth for those cold night—no fireplace needed.  A very cozy but spicy holiday adventure.

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The Wild Rose Press 

Also from Roni Adams: 

Being the only mortal in a world of magical elves isn't easy for Chrissy
Star, especially at Christmastime. Feeling as if she's in the way, she escapes Christmas Town and her duties as CFO for a week long vacation on a Greece isle. If she could have her Christmas wish, she'd meet a man who would not only heat up her love life, but understand her unusual family. Nick Christopoulus has met Chrissy before, but a lot has changed in five years. She may not remember him, but he's never forgotten her. He wants more than just a holiday fling. When she leaves after a hot night of magical sex,he's determined to track her down. But how can Nick, a non-believer, find a magical place called Christmas Town?

Available on Amazon.

Author Bio:

Roni Adams, like most authors, has been writing literally her entire life.  From the cute short stories about her pets when she was 7, to the high school newspaper, then the local newspaper and finally reaching her ultimate dream of seeing her books published.  Her first short story sold to “A Cup of Comfort” in 2005, followed by a couple of years writing for the confessional magazines.  Finally in 2007, her first full length book – “Beauty and the Geek” was published by The Wild Rose Press.  Since then she has published a few short stories as well as six full length novels with them.  Her two Christmas stories, “Christmas Past” and “The Christmas Star” were originally part of an anthology she did with some writing friends.  They are both available from www.thewildrosepress.com.  When Adams isn’t writing she keeps busy enjoying baking and cooking for her three sons and husband.  Summers in Upstate NY are short but perfect and she enjoys spending time at the lake with her family on their boat. She draws on inspiration from all around her for her story ideas and loves to bring the characters from her head alive on paper.  

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The author is offering one PDF version of CHRISTMAS PAST to a randomly drawn commenter.


  1. Roni,
    Both books sound wonderful for Christmas. I really love stories of second chances. :) I wish you the very best with both books. Happy Holidays!

  2. Hi, Roni, I know you from Wild Rose. Both of your stories sound terrific. I, too, love stories of rekindled love.

  3. Wow - two great stories to choose from. Or, oh, heck, pick them both. (grin) Best wishes for a happy, redemptive holiday. :>)

  4. I'm enjoying all these blog posts and excerpts. It is really getting me into the holiday spirit! Thank you for bringing all these wonderful holiday stories to our attention.

  5. Thank you so much everyone! I've enjoyed reading the books that have been on this blogpost all December and hope to settle in with some of them over the Christmas break. I've always found that the best time of year to write Christmas stories is right now while its fresh in our mind and we can smell the smells and feel the emotions tugging at us - I plan to get writing something new for next year. Hope you will too.

  6. Just had to download and read Christmas Past, and got to say the hot tub scene really steamed up my glasses. The twist in the on-line connection was a good one--loved the way Mark discovers who his own on-line lady really is. Still, I think I would have been a tad bit less understanding I don't care how much I loved the big lug. :)

  7. I just love Christmas stories :) This sounds good~

  8. I'm loving the hot tub scene already and I've only read the excerpt! Can't wait to read the entire scene in the book!

  9. Yum...could use a hot tub at this time of year...of course, then there's the issue of having to get out of it, lol. Thanks for the excerpt (and the review!).

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