Thursday, August 29, 2013

State of The Snarkology

I took August off but now I'm back. Forgive me if I ramble for a moment...

Writing news:
  • In July, I signed a contract for a paranormal erotica novel with The Wild Rose Press. THE MATING GAME is a 79,000 word novel, which should be available in paperback as well as ebook. No release date yet.
  • My first blog tour with Goddess Fish is scheduled for September. I'll be touring my paranormal series, Loki's Wolves. More on the tour schedule to follow.
  • HUNGER MOON is now available in paperback:  Amazon  Createspace
  • To celebrate, I'm dropped the price of the HUNGER MOON ebook on Amazon to 99 cents for a short time.

Mr. Snark:
  • In a truly memorable, one-of-a-kind moment, Mr. Snark found a bottle of teriyaki sauce in the fridge that his wife could not locate. Mr. Snark performed a victory dance while chanting "I found something you couldn't!" The celebration continued for a month afterward.
  • As it happens, Mr. Snark has just over a month left to realize that our 5th Anniversary is almost here. This year I don't intend to tell him what I want. Instead, I'm going to blog about it and see if he's paying attention. What do my readers think? Will Mr. Snark forget?  Will he buy the wrong present?  Will he finally go out for beer and never come back? Stay tuned to find out more!
Miss Bear:
  • Miss Bear has made some early career decisions. She has chosen to become either a doctor or a dog when she grows up. Since Miss Bear started carrying around a pink med kit and barking in public, Mrs. Snark has begun telling people that her daughter wants to become a veterinarian as it cuts down on confusion.
  • Miss Bear has developed a fanatical devotion to The Micky Mouse Clubhouse and Jake and the Never Land Pirates, which are shown primarily on cable. Prior to this, the majority of Miss Bear's entertainment experience involved DVDs and streaming video (Netflix). The transition to live television led to Miss Bear's first encounter with commercials. At first the traumatic interruptions to her programming resulted in much boo-hoo'ing. Miss Bear ran to her father shouting "HELP!" whenever commercials came on. Tears were shed. She saw a therapist. However, eventually, Miss Bear grew accustomed to the inconvenience. Mr. and Mrs. Snark have tried to ease the transition. "In our day, there was no pause or fast forward options, Missy."
The Snark Boys:
  •  The Snark boys, now eleven and fourteen, have entered Middle School and High School. More on the return to school in a future post.

The Cats:
  • As some may recall, an unpleasant civil dispute erupted in the Snark household last spring when The Cats hired an attorney and threatened to sue. An ugly exchange of letters between our respective attorneys degraded into mudslinging. In July, the cats filed suit and a California judge ordered us into family counseling. I'm pleased to report that our cat/human family counseling seems to be going quite well.

Blog update:

Snarkology Paranormal Blog Hop. I'm putting together a Paranormal Blog Hop to run Oct. 28-31.  More information is posted here.  Please leave a comment and join my loop if you're an interested author or host site.

RSS Feed.  After shedding many tears, spilling blood and ripping my hair out, I've finally managed to set up an RSS feed to the Snarkology. Readers who don't want to risk missing their daily snark can can now follow via email. It's the box to the left below my ADvert widget and Where To Find Melissa Snark, titled "Follow by Email".

First Week in September. The first week of the month marks my return to active blogging. On Tuesday/Wednesday, be sure to look forward to an author interview with Wild Rose author AJ Nuest along with my review of her contemporary romance novel "She's Got Dibs".

My Blog Tour Schedule:

Virtual Book Tour:
September 9:  Literal Hotties Naughty Books Reviews
September 10:  Andi's Book Reviews
September 11:  The Dan O'Brien Project
September 12:  Crazy Four Books
September 13:  Susana's Parlour
September 16:  Musings and Ramblings
September 17:  Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews
September 18:  Straight from the Library
September 19:  Fantasy Powered by Love
September 20:  Danita Minnis
September 20: Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews

Review Tour:
September 23:  The Crafty Cauldron
September 24: The Simple Things in Life
September 25:  Dalene's Book Reviews
September 26:  Wicked Readings by Tawania
September 27:  Reader Girls


  1. This is so cute & funny! You inspire me to want to blog more!

  2. Enjoyed your post. Will tune in to see what happens with Mr. Snark.

  3. I'm a Snark fan! Love the humor! :)
    Best of luck on the virtual tour, and continued success with all your writing.

    1. Thanks, Farah! I'm full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes. :)

  4. So nice to catch up with all the Snark happenings.

    1. Hi Alison,
      Thanks! I'm so happy school is back in session. Good luck with your new release. :)

  5. Welcome back Ms Snark. We've missed you!

  6. Great post - I love the pic of the cat and will closely follow the proceedings and wonder if the cats stare back and swish their tails during counseling? Who is actually the winner here? Can't wait until the Paranormal Blog Hop - should be f-u-n!!!


    1. Thanks Kathee! Actually, the cats mostly nap through our counseling. They're hardly ever awake. But we all win! :)