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Alison Henderson's UNWRITTEN RULES

What Do Spies, Bodyguards, and Meddling Grandmas Have in Common?

They’re all in the mix in my brand new book Unwritten Rules. After publishing three historical romances, this is my first contemporary, and I had a fantastic time writing it. I loved writing the kind of offbeat characters and snappy banter you usually don’t find in historicals. The story is one part romantic suspense and one part contemporary romance, with a big dollop of comedy thrown in for good measure.

Here’s the blurb:
Things aren’t going Madelyn Li’s way. Her bodyguard agency is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, her grandmother keeps hatching plots to marry her off, and someone is trying to kill her latest client. All she wants is to safely escort thriller writer and former CIA agent Carter Devlin on his cross country book tour and collect her check, but two obstacles stand in her way: a shadowy assailant and her own growing attraction to her dashing client.

Carter Devlin has agreed to accept the beautiful and determined Ms. Li as a bodyguard primarily to appease his publisher. After all, who would want to kill a beat-up, retired ex-spy on a book tour? But when the attacks turn deadly, he soon learns there’s more to Madelyn than a pretty face and tempting body. Will the spark become a flame before a killer snuffs it out?

And here’s a snippet to give you a taste:

“Come here.” The words hung between them in the still night air.
“I’m fine where I am.”
“I’m not. I need you closer.”
“I told you before—”
“I’ll be a perfect gentleman and keep my hands where you can see them.” He tapped his fingers on the rim of the spa.
Did she dare? Go on. Do it. Her pulse fluttered. She glided through the water like an otter, stopping just beyond arm’s reach.
“I want to kiss you.”
“With your hands up there? That won’t be easy, even for you.”
“I don’t need my hands to kiss you. Of course you’ll have to do most of the work.” Challenge glittered in his eyes.
His proposition tantalized her. Emboldened, she drifted closer. “Close your eyes.”
He did as she ordered and waited. She touched his lips with a kiss as soft as dandelion fluff. When he tried to respond with more pressure, she floated out of reach. He stilled, and she returned, warming his cheek with her breath. Then she pressed a kiss to his earlobe.
He growled and gripped the side of the tub. Her breath caught in her throat. Had she pushed him too far? What was it Grandma Li used to say about teasing a dragon?
But Carter didn’t roar, and he didn’t bite. He waited.
Just one more. Then this madness must stop.
She returned to his lips and allowed herself a long, slow kiss. He met her halfway, and she didn’t back off. But kissing was difficult with nothing to hold onto. Before she could stop them, her hands grazed his ribs. The muscles tightened beneath her fingers, and she sucked in a sharp breath. She shot out of the water, snatched her robe, and wrapped it around herself with shaking hands. She’d come so close to risking everything.
His eyes flew open. “What are you—”
“No complaints. You got what you wanted.” She silently cursed the waver in her voice. She needed to stay strong, now more than ever.
“Not even close.”
“I stand corrected. You got what you asked for.”
“I’ll have to be more specific in the future.”
“I’ve told you why we can’t get involved. It’s not my fault you refuse to believe me.”
“You and your precious rules.”
“My rules keep everyone safe.”
“Safety can be overrated.”
“Not in my line of work.” She tightened her belt with a jerk.
“We’re not talking about work.”
“Yes, we are. Now get out of that tub before you turn into a lobster and go to bed.” She shoved the heavy glass door aside and headed for the bathroom.

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I had tremendous fun writing this book, and I hope you’ll have just as much fun reading it! Thanks for stopping by.

Alison Henderson

Author Bio:
I haven't always been a writer, but I have always embraced creativity and relished new experiences. Seeking to expand my horizons beyond Kansas City, I chose a college in upstate New York. By the time I was twenty-one I had traveled the world from Tunisia to Japan. Little did I suspect I was collecting material for future characters and stories along the way.

I began writing when my daughter entered preschool (she's now a full-fledged adult) and became addicted to the challenge of translating the living, breathing images in my mind into words. I write romance because that's what I like to read. The world provides more than enough drama and tragedy. I want to give my readers the happily-ever-after we all crave.

I've been married to my personal hero for more than thirty years. After decades of living in the Midwest, we've recently heeded the siren call of sun and sea and moved to the most breathtakingly beautiful place imaginable - the gorgeous central coast of California. I look forward to the new stories this place inspires.

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    1. Hi Alison! Thank you for being my guest today. I agree with Sandy--love your cover! Good job! :)

  2. Love the blurb, Alison, as well as your cover. I'm still working my way through all the books I dragged home from RWA, but just added this to my wish list for when I'm downloading books again.


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    1. Thanks, Kirsten. Changing sub-genres is always a challenge, but this was a super-fun book to write.

  4. Gorgeous cover. The book looks great!