Sunday, October 20, 2013

Snarkology: 1st Birthday, Halloween Blog Hop & Keeping the Nip Flowing

The State of The Snarkology
10/20/2013 Edition

The Snarkology is a year old. Technically, it was created on 10/19/12 but I'm holding an impromptu birthday party for my blog today over on Facebook starting at 12PM PST. Drop on by and say hi! There will be door prizes and a few party games.

Snarkology Paranormal Blog Hop

Signups close tomorrow for the Snarkology Paranormal Blog Hop. If you've been thinking about joining and haven't yet, do so! Time is running out.

Simply go to my left sidebar and click on the blog hop button. It will take you to the Blog Hop page where there is a signup form at the bottom of the page.

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Oct. 21-26th

Exciting things in store this week! 
  • On Monday, I'm blogging about the mythology and superstitions surrounding vampires.  
  • Tuesday and Wednesday, author Lyndi Alexander is visiting with me, talking about her paranormal romantic suspense novel. And I'll be reviewing: LOVE ME, KISS, ME KILL ME.   
  • Thursday, Book spotlight of Susan C. Muller's THE WITCH ON TWISTED OAK.
  • Friday, Author Kris Brock is giving writing tips on the difference between elements of suspense versus surprise with a book spotlight for  WHISPERS IN THE DARK.
  • Saturday, Author Sarah Bella talks about life's writing lessons and her novel, 14 Days of "Ohs!"

25 Days of Christmas Stories

I still need Christmas Stories for my "25 Days of Christmas Stories" promo to run Dec. 1-25th. Again, the link to the event blog page is in the left sidebar.

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Leave me a comment to signup or shoot me an email at melissasnark at




Finally, bonus feature! A couple snippets from the Snark Family: 

(Like most writers, I keep a notebook. These are things that made me laugh but haven't evolved into a post.)

The Gym Parking Lot:

As Mr. Snark zips along, Mrs. Snark waves her arms in agitation. "You just passed a perfect front row parking spot!"
Mar. Snark (sneers):  "It was a compact space."
Mr. Snark then heads for the back of the lot in Bumfuk, Egypt.
Mrs. Snark:  "This is a very compact minivan!"
Mr. Snark:  "No it's not."
Mrs. Snark:  "Yes, it is. Have you ever seen the width on a Sienna?"
Mr. Snark:  "It's not width that matters. It's length."
Mrs. Snark (rolls eyes):  "Pffff. Only to a man. Ask any woman and she'll tell you that it's girth that matters."
Mr. Snark: "Are we still talking about parking spaces?"
Mrs. Snark:  "I am. But I know what you're talking about."

On Litigious Kitties:

Mr. Snark walks past an octopus of hyper cats wrestling on the floor.
Mr. Snark:  "Cat nip again?"
Mrs. Snark: "You didn't ask any questions when the cat lawsuit went away. Move along."

Come by the Snarkology's 1st Birthday Party on Facebook!



  1. Love your posts! Best wishes on a successful Halloween Blog Hop - I'll check back to see what's happening, but hope you'll post a reminder on the WRP loop. I get way too caught up in other stuff!

    1. Thanks, Ashantay. Right now we've got almost thirty blogs signed up. It looks like it'll be a great hop! :-)

  2. I think I forgot to say Happy Birthday. Mea culpa... and happy belated birthday!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I hope my blog has many more to come. :)